Hampton Roads Business Political Action Committee

The HRBizPAC works to advance the economy of Hampton Roads metropolitan statistical area. The HRCBizPAC is an independent organization supporting incumbents and candidates whose positions are consistent with those of the HRBizPAC and the Hampton Roads Chamber. The HRBizPAC educates the general public and elected officials on issues that will enhance the economic interest of the business community.

About the HRBizPAC
HRBizPAC is a non-partisan committee that presses for action on issues impacting business, by supporting candidates who share those views.

HRBizPAC provides an avenue for Chamber members and others sharing the Chamber’s view on issues to pool their resources and efforts to impact public policy decisions.


  • Help maintain Virginia’s high ranking for business.
  • Strengthen the Chamber’s position as the "voice of business" in legislative issues for Hampton Roads.
  • Assist to create a pro-business climate for all companies.
  • Identify and develop issues that significantly impact businesses and the community, then educate the public, elected officials and the business community on those issues, and finally, influence the actions taken by them in dealing with those issues.

Activities of the HRBizPAC

  • Trustees will interview candidates, have the authority to make HRBizPAC distribution decisions, organize HRBizPAC special events and participate in "insider" activities (Contributions do not guarantee appointment to the HRBizPAC Board of Trustees-Trustees are appointed by the Chamber’s Executive Committee in accordance with the Bylaws of the HRBizPAC).
  • Participate in "get out the vote" initiatives.
  • Participate in and conduct referendum campaigns and other activities as necessary.
  • Endorse candidates and provide direct and indirect financial support.
  • Conduct research on issues which impact businesses in the region.

 Chamber members that are interested in joining the HRBizPAC should contact Candace Reid at 757-664-2572 or by email.