Tower Benefit Consultants Offers UBAWhite Paper Availability to Show Local Employers How to Prepare For and Handle U.S. Department of Labor Audits

 Tower Benefit Consultants Offers UBAWhite Paper Availability to Show Local Employers How to Prepare For and Handle U.S. Department of Labor Audits
The Complexities of an Audit from the DOL Necessitate the Urgency for Employers to Have a Reference Guide In Hand.

Virginia Beach, August 15, 2016.Tower Benefit Consultants, a Charter firm of United Benefit Advisors (UBA), which is the nation’s leading independent employee benefits advisory organization, announces the release of the organization’s updated white paper, “Don’t Roll the Dice on Department of Labor Audits,” a resource to guide employers through the process of an audit from the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL). According to the UBA’s website, the revised white paper for 2016 includes new and valuable information about:

  • How to prepare for an audit
  • The best way to acclimate staff to the audit process
  • What the DOL wants
  • The most important elements of complying with requests
  • 7 common mistakes that could trigger an audit

“UBA's original white paper was written specifically as a starting point to help employers prepare for a DOL audit. These revisions have further enhanced the value of this document and made it as up-to-date as possible,” says Les McPhearson, CEO of UBA. “DOL audits should not be taken lightly, but with proper planning and preparation they can be manageable. While UBA's white paper is an excellent reference, it is not meant to replace the invaluable expertise of a qualified advisor.”

A DOL audit is not a simple process and usually takes a company approximately one to two weeks to prepare, depending on the size of the business and how well they are organized, says UBA. Part of that preparation is building an audit binder with known documents. Tower Benefit Consultants offers a generic list of most documents needed for a DOL audit.

In addition, there is usually a specific set of steps to take once an employer receives an audit letter from the DOL. This newly updated white paper will detail those steps and more including how to plan ahead, conduct a self-audit, educate appropriate staff, and resolve any issues.

By using UBA's white paper as a reference along with the advice from a UBA Partner Firm, an employer should be able to face a DOL audit with absolute confidence. To receive a copy of the white paper, the comprehensive DOL Audit Checklist, and receive additional information, please contact Tower Benefit Consultants at (757) 424-2493.


Headquartered in Virginia Beach, Virginia, TBC was established in 1924, and offers clients today over 150 years of management experience in the industry, TBC provides a wide range of companies and organizations with objective insight, operating independent of insurance companies, financial institutions, or any third party claims administrators. Experienced associates at Tower Benefit Consultants provide a full-spectrum of expert services and solutions for employee benefit programs including self-funded evaluation, compliance and legislative updates, data analysis and projection, disease management consulting, employee communication strategies, payroll and HRIS solutions, health promotion program design, HR and administrative services, and voluntary benefits. The firm is a Charter Member of United Benefit Advisors, the nation’s leading independent employee benefits advisory organization with more than 200 offices throughout the United States, Canada and the U.K.


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