Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce Announces Opening of Virginia Benefits Market

Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce Announces Opening of Virginia Benefits Market
Private Exchange Offers Broad Array of Employee Benefits

The Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce has joined forces with other chambers across Virginia to introduce Virginia Benefits Market, a private health insurance and benefits exchange. 

Nearly one year after inception, Virginia Benefits Market will soon be live and available to users. In just a few days, individual consumers and businesses can visit the online market to compare insurance costs and benefits in a one-stop, streamlined system. “We are excited about Virginia Benefits Market and the opportunity that we have to help shape the future of Virginia’s employee benefits market,” said Bryan K. Stephens, President and CEO of the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce. “Our members frequently tell us that rising employee benefits costs and complicated plans are big concerns.  We are hopeful that this new model will help bend the cost curve and simplify the way businesses and individuals purchase health insurance and other benefits."

At launch, the Virginia Benefits Market portfolio includes coverage for health, dental, vision, life, accident, critical illness, telemedicine, legal, and more. This is just the beginning," said Barry DuVal, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Virginia Chamber. "We will continue to refine and enhance benefit offerings and carrier selections to provide solutions and choice through the Virginia Benefits Market. We will seek new and innovative ways to provide Virginians with a private option to navigate the complex issues of employee benefits." 

Ongoing communication with members will commence during the month of February and will continue throughout the entire year. Chamber member businesses may explore using Virginia Benefits Market at their next benefits renewal. Members are encouraged to visit the market’s website at www.virginiabenefitsmarket.com or ask their local chamber member insurance professional for assistance.

Virginia Benefits Market is a private insurance and benefits exchange managed by Virginia Benefits Alliance, a joint venture of the Virginia Chamber of Commerce and Norfolk-based ChamberSolutions, an affiliate of the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce. CieloStar, a nationwide healthcare payment and benefit technology company, hosts and administers the group benefits exchange platform.  BeneFinder.com's leading edge technology underpins the individual benefits platform.  For more information, visit www.virginiabenefits.com or call toll-free 1-855-765-5700.

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