Chamber Education Series Presented by Carletta Waddler - Conflict in the Workplace

Chamber Education Series Presented by Carletta Waddler - Conflict in the Workplace
Carletta Waddler,Vice President of Talent Curve did an outstanding presentation on "Conflict in the Workplace"

“There are issues and there are ‘real issues’” said Carletta Waddler, Vice President of Talent Curve Solutions, during the Chamber’s Education Series event on Tuesday, February 14th. The sold-out event featured a presentation on “Conflict in the Workplace,” which concentrated on the challenges that face today’s intergenerational workplace.  Each generation, from traditionalist to millennial, has conflicts and handles them in different ways.

 “Our perception is our lens and our communication can lead to conflict,” said Waddler.  The most effective way to deal with a conflict is to find the root of the issue and during her presentation Waddler identified a few key focus areas to improve on when handling conflict:

  • Becoming a better listener
  • Paying attention to body language
  • Showing genuine interest in the message
  • Eliminating selective perception
  • Being open to receive all information

After her presentation there was a spirited questions and answer session that facilitated discussion that continued even after the workshop ended.   

Jody Kuehn, Manager with Southern Bank said the workshop was “simple, yet very needed and can be a great benefit to those who implement the information delivered”

The Chamber Education Series will continue with “Technology in the workplace” by Dr. Pete Baker, of Old Dominion University on Tuesday, March 18 at Old Dominion University Higher Education Center.

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