IntellecTechs CEO Discusses a Problem That Hurts Companies Everywhere

IntellecTechs CEO Discusses a Problem That Hurts Companies Everywhere

“If you are in business and you have an Internet connection – you are responsible for the risks,” said IntellecTechs Founder & CEO Jeri Prophet during the Hampton Roads Chamber Education Series event on February 19, 2019. Prophet addressed the growing epidemic that has affected businesses all over the globe and continues to do so today. That problem is ransomware.

Ransomware is a malicious software which prevents or blocks users from accessing their computer data until a ransom is paid, and it is quickly becoming an issue for businesses everywhere. “By next year, the human attack surface will have reached 4 billion people,” said Prophet as she shared shocking predictions for the year ahead. Over the next three years, “cyber crime damage costs are expected to reach $6 trillion annually.”

Prophet listed the many threats of ransomware, including bluetooth, theft, social media, and unencrypted public wireless networks. However, the biggest threat of all, are right inside your office. Your employees have access to information concerning the company’s security practices, data, and computer systems. Prophet stressed that no one in your company is safe and if nothing is done, these cyber attacks will only get worse.

“If a hacker wants to get your information, they can do it, just by walking by.” To help prevent ransomware from taking over your data, Prophet advises that you should update all company software, use strong passwords, and don’t change your security settings unless you have an IT professional with you. The must-have protection for businesses is to purchase ransomware insurance. Even with that, Prophet says, “No protection is ever foolproof.”

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The Chamber Education Series continues with keynote speaker Brenda Wise, Relationship Marketing Mastery on March 14th. Wise will present “Presenting Magically” at the Hampton Roads Chamber. For more information or to register, click here.

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