General Assembly, January 18th

General Assembly, January 18th
On Monday, January 18th, the Chambers EVP and lobbyist, Ira Agricola, met in Richmond to discuss the general laws in the Commonwealth and matters related to transportation and the Certificate of Public Need legislation.

                Ira also met with the business Roundtable, which is a group of business lobbyist in Virginia.  Both The Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce and Ira are members of the business Roundtable. 

               The Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce is a supporting member of the Go Virginia Coalition.  The group met Monday in the Senate Leadership Conference Room.  Ira Agricola represented the Chamber on the Coalition.

               The Senate Commerce and Labor Committee also met in Richmond yesterday to discuss a bill that would define the size of a small employer.  This emergency legislation will help small businesses obtain health policies at the correct employee level.  Without this legislation, small employers will pay significantly higher premiums in the upcoming enrollment period.


Be sure to keep up with Ira as he keeps us informed on the happenings in the General Assembly. #IraGA2016

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