Big Changes to Improve Service at the Elizabeth River Tunnels

Big Changes to Improve Service at the Elizabeth River Tunnels
New fee structure rolled out

Elizabeth River Crossings has changed the way tunnel users receive toll bills, and has restructured and reduced late fees for unpaid tolls. The changes, which went into effect July 3 are among several to improve the customer experience for all users of the Elizabeth River Tunnels.

ERC has implemented a new 30-day monthly billing cycle, ending the practice of sending multiple, sometimes confusing invoices every month to customers. Now users of the tunnels will get a single monthly statement that includes all trips in a 30-day period which more closely resembles how customers receive statements for other routine bills like credit cards and utilities.

Late fees were also dramatically reduced. For unpaid tolls over 30 days old, a $25 late fee is added to each unpaid statement. The lower late fee only applies to the statement. Under the previous policy, pay-by-plate customers incurred a late fee for each individual trip taken through the Elizabeth River Tunnels, and that practice led to the unintended consequence of spiraling fees for some customers.

Those unanticipated and unintended consequences end with this new late fee policy. Now, regardless of the number of trips taken, the late fees are set at a consistent rate of $25 for every 30 days that the tolls remain unpaid.

ERC emphasizes that it is not running a business based on fees—the company wants customers to be able to pay the lowest toll. And the best way to do that is by signing up for and properly maintaining an E-ZPass account.

Customers with questions about the new fee structure, settlements or toll bills are encouraged to call the ERC Customer Care Center toll-free at (855) 378-7623.

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