Chamber Staff Member Diane Raihle Receives 3rd Lifetime Achievement Award

Chamber Staff Member Diane Raihle Receives 3rd Lifetime Achievement Award

"It's great to be recognized for what we do," said Diane Raihle,  "However,  I don’t really feel that I’m in sales, more like a teacher, we are here to educate the business community on how beneficial it is to be a part of their community."    Raihle might not feel like she's in sales, but her Gold Lifetime Sales Achievement Award tells a different story.

 The Hampton Roads Chamber is proud to congratulate Diane Raihle, Senior Manager, Membership Development,  on a tremendous accomplishment.  Raihle was awarded the Gold Lifetime Sales Achievement Award from the Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives at the annual conference Tuesday, July 18 in Nashville. The Gold Award is given to Chamber sales professionals who complete over 1,000 transactions/ $500,000 in sales. Her past accomplishments started in 2013 with the Bronze Award and 2014 with the Silver Award.

Raihle has been with Chamber for eight years and during that time she has become a valued member of the Chamber family and the Hampton Roads community.

While in Nashville, Raihle had the opportunity to meet and mingle with other chamber representatives from around the country, sharing ideas and learning best practices.  "I realized in talking to representatives from other chambers just how special and professional the Hampton Roads Chamber is, I don't think our members realize how different we are from other chambers and how significantly we impact our region."

The Hampton Roads Chamber works every day to be a powerful economic partner, impactful advocate and inspiring ignitor for our region. We're proud of  Diane and all our staff members who take those strategic guidelines to heart. The Hampton Roads Chamber, and Diane Raihle, means business!

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