CES Participants Learn How To Build Connections and Establish Influence

CES Participants Learn How To Build Connections and Establish Influence

“Finding commonalities and ways to bond is how you truly begin to connect with someone,”said Chad Stenzel, CEO of Sandler Training Tidewater-Hampton Roads, during his Hampton Roads Chamber Education Series presentation on Thursday May 25th. Stenzel's presentation “How to Connect with Anyone,” discussed the most effective ways to connect and influence people. As business leaders, Hampton Roads Chamber members should be acutely aware of their influence and impact. The Hampton Roads Chamber encourages our members to join us in being impactful advocates, powerful economic partners, and inspiring ignitors and part of how we meet those goals is ensuring we are influential. “Influence impacts each and everyone of us," said Stenzel, “and people tend to be more influenced by the people they trust.” Stenzel also mentioned that likability and the belief that a person or company has an individual's best interest at heart are key to developing influence. 


Stenzel continued his seminar on influence with an exercise to help participants determine their personalities by identifying which bird (owl, dove, parrot or eagle) they felt most represented them. The goal of the exercise being to assess their best method of communicating, leading them to better understand their influence with people. At the end of the exercise Stenzel went over each choice discussing their strengths and potential weakness and explained how “everyone has some piece of each bird; some just have more characteristics of one than another.” 

Darian Fisher, Banking Officer with  Southern Bank said “Chad did a excellent job of having the group interact and learning a bit about ourselves and how we can work with others based on our personality. I believe it is important to know your personality as well as others so you can know how to approach different people."  Kristen Young, an associate with JLL, agreed as she noted that when addressing clients  “speaking to their needs and their personality" is integral to developing the business relationship. 

The Hampton Roads Chamber is committed to being an inspiring ignitor and strives to put forth the best effort in not only growing businesses and communities, but people and leaders as well. The Chamber Education Series, presented by Southern Bank and sponsored by Farm Fresh,  will continue with “Workplace and Personal Safety” with Dawna Ellis at the Hampton Roads Chamber on Tuesday, June 13.



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