Optima Health programs aim to reduce addiction

Optima Health programs aim to reduce addiction

It's no secret that the United States is experiencing an epidemic of addiction, owing in no small measure to opioid-based drugs, which are widely used and among the most addictive there are.

Opioid-based pain medications have, for years, been prescribed for pain and readily available - both legally and illegally. Optima Health has recently implemented a new program aimed at reducing addiction and finding ways to offer pain medication without prescribing habit forming opioid-based drugs. 

The Patient Utilization Management and Safety program is designed to make sure Optima members are getting proper care, and to make sure they use services safely and efficiently.

"It's designed to coordinate care for members by reducing the number of pharmacies or providers they are using," said Teresa Carpenter, PharmD, Optima Health clinical pharmacist. "This helps reduce duplicate therapies and the likelihood of drug interactions and/or overdoses."

Read the full article here: https://southsidedaily.com/local-news/2018/06/12/optima-health-programs-aim-to-reduce-addiction/


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