IRV Day 2 Development and Growth Bus Tour - Todd Reidbord with Walnut Capital hopped on bus

IRV Day 2 Development and Growth Bus Tour - Todd Reidbord with Walnut Capital hopped on bus

The Hampton Roads Chamber Inter-Regional Visit to Pittsburgh continued Wednesday morning with a development and growth tour hosted by Bill Flanagan, Chief Corporate Relations Officer, Allegheny Conference. Flanagan took the group through the vibrant history of Pittsburgh’s 90 discrete neighborhoods.

The tour began with a stop to Renaissance One, a Gateway Center Development project built in the 1940s. The project was the first public private partnership initiative to clean up air quality and convince homeowners to switch from coal to gas. As the bus passed by Allegheny County, it was learned that Pittsburgh is no longer a steel making capital but has progressed into a more tech savvy area. The group also learned about the many technological developments that have emerged in Pittsburgh over the last few decades. Google, Apple, Disney, and Uber are just some companies that have moved into the uprising area.

The tour bus then passed by Walnut Capital where the group was joined by Principal & President, Todd Reidbord. Reidbord discussed the rich history and the bright future of the high quality development area for small tech companies in what was once known as Bakery Square. Pittsburgh created an innovative center to have corporate leaders collaborate with researchers. Reidbord’s plan for success for the area is to take urban planning and public housing to reverse it into a home for startups and millennials. Pittsburgh is a great place for school, but is now becoming a great place to start a career.

Pittsburgh is the hottest area for development and a blooming city for economic development, workforce development, and infrastructure development. Check back on Thursday, June 21st when we tour The Strip. 

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