Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce is Breaking Records in Success

Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce is Breaking Records in Success
Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce is focused on creating the environment for business to thrive and be successful.

The Chamber began 2016 with the honor of earning a 4-star accreditation from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which reflects our commitment to advancing the principles of free enterprise through pro-growth and economic policies at federal state and local level for our Hampton Roads business community. This designation put the Hampton Roads Chamber in the top 3% of all Chambers in the nation.

In May, Inside Business published its 2016 Power List, which includes the business professionals, academics and nonprofit leaders in the community who have the most influence in shaping Hampton Roads, Virginia. Of those selected, Bryan K. Stephens, President & CEO of the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce, was chosen as No. 25 and was noted as a driving force in moving our business community in the right direction with the power of his accomplished team.  

The Chamber has continued through 2016 working diligently to progress our high standard of excellence, which was again reconfirmed on June 23, 2016 when Bryan K. Stephens was recognized for his organizational management as the Chamber Executive of the Year, by the Virginia Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives.  The Executive of the Year award recognizes outstanding performance in the field of Chamber of Commerce management in the Commonwealth of Virginia and is presented to an individual who has exhibited characteristics that make him a leader both in their chamber and community. Stephens’ leadership skills are exemplified by the magnitude of the progression of success demonstrated by the organization and their members.

The Chamber is a vigorous advocate for the economic success of its member businesses, which employ nearly 250,000 men and women in southeastern Virginia. As the Region’s premier business organization, we welcome all businesses to be a part of this powerful and influential group. We will continue making milestones in our mission to ensure that our members succeed, to drive regional economic growth and to enhance the quality of life of our community’s residents in Hampton Roads. 

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