Presumptive Democratic Governor Nominee Meets With Business Leaders

Presumptive Democratic Governor Nominee Meets With Business Leaders

Ira Agricola - Senior Vice President; Terry McAuliffe- Virginia Democratic Governor Nominee; John A. Hornbeck, Jr. CCE - President/CEO, Dean McClain - Director, Municipal AffairsOn March 21, the presumptive Democratic Virginia governor nominee Terry McAuliffe met with local business and community leaders at the Hampton Roads Chamber to highlight campaign issues, such as job creation, and economic development. McAuliffe believes, to be the best place for business; we have to focus on making the Commonwealth the best in efficient government, education and the best in transportation.

Virginia is a great place for business but one of the things holding us back from the top is an infrastructure system can feel outdated and inefficient. "Transportation is a key driver; if you don’t have a system that works you will not be able to create economic diversity.” Just as transportation is a core function of government, if commuters are sitting in traffic for two hours a day, that’s not a big incentive to do business or reside in Virginia.

When asked about education reform McAuiliffe replied “We have got to do better, education is the single most important thing we can do to build a strong Virginia and what our kids need to build successful lives.” He agreed that there do not need to be more budget cuts.

McAuliffe closed by saying, “There is a reason I am a nomination with no competition. I have lived in Virginia for 20 years, I chose to live here and raise my 5 children.” McAuliffe explained that he wants Virginia to be the best that it can be for not only his children but future generations.

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