Customized Virtual Space Made Specifically for Your Workplace

Customized Virtual Space Made Specifically for Your Workplace
Josh Stubbs PhD student and graduate assistant at Old Dominion University gave an informative presentation on �Avatar Simulations, Targeted Technologies and More!�

What if it was possible to pause, reflect, and be able to fix issues with real time adjustment?  It is if you're using the virtual reality concept of a “zero consequence environment” said Josh Stubbs, a PhD student and graduate assistant at Old Dominion University during the Chamber Education series on Tuesday, March 21 at the Old Dominion University Higher Education Center. Stubbs explained how this environment "allowed a person to practice reading body language or improve on customer service, without the fear of judgment," a skill that translates to all business environments.

Stubb’s presentation on, “Avatar Simulations, Targeted Technologies and More!” focused on high end virtual simulation and how many professionals are using it to develop their workforce. With over 25 guests in attendance from all different professions, Stubbs was able to demonstrate how the use of avatars could benefit all business professionals, no matter the field of occupation.

Stubb’s showed the audience simulations within varying occupational environments such as a business office, hospital, and classroom, saying “each simulation can be customized and developed based on the needs of the user(s).” For example, the business office simulation scenario could be used to train employees in customer service situations or conduct one on one interviews

According to Stubbs, an avatar is defined as "the virtual space in which a person is represented," and in each simulation avatars are being influenced by actors who provide real life scenarios for effective training, “ensuring no two scenarios are the same.”  Many professionals are taking advantage of these simulated realities which have been proven to be “25-50% more effective that role playing exercises” said Stubbs. Sherryl Dimitry, Director of Talent Development with Skanska said the workshop provided an “eye opening” account of avatar technology being a “stronger learning approach.”

 The Hampton Roads Chamber strives to provide our members with educational and leadership driven events that inspire business leaders and explore emerging economic opportunities, including technological advancements like virtual simulation. Join us for our next Chamber Education Series event, “Present to Persuade” by Paul Ariola, with Dale Carnegie, April 25 at Dale Carnegie Virginia Beach campus.


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