Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce's Local Election Engagement

Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce's Local Election Engagement
The Chamber supports the best candidates to ensure economic prosperity for Hampton Roads


The Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce is uniquely organized with local division boards in each of the five cities in our service area. This allows our local boards to engage our city councils and be the “Voice of Business” in each locality.

An important extension of this work is our sponsorship of candidate forums, candidate interviews and ultimately the selection of candidates for endorsement.

This year two of three candidates in the Portsmouth City Council race won the approval of voters and six of seven candidates in the Virginia Beach City Council race were elected.

The endorsement process is significant as detailed questions are developed from the business community and each candidate is given the same opportunity to respond. After the candidate interviews take place, the local divisions stage a forum in the community where all are welcome. At the conclusion of forums, the local leadership of the Chamber gathers to make recommendations to the full board of directors selecting the best candidates supporting business interests in each locality.

Once approved, candidates are given permission to use the name of the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce in all campaign advertising and during public appearances.

The candidate selection process will well position the Chamber to succeed in representing the interests of business with our region’s city councils. We look forward to working with our newly elected city council members in the months ahead as we engage, inform and collaborate to further the business agenda.

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