Clean Energy, National Security and Local Economic Opportunity

Clean Energy, National Security and Local Economic Opportunity
Co-hosted by the Hampton Roads Chambers of Commerce and Chambers for Innovation and Clean Energy

Join chamber colleagues, Retired Navy Captain Leo Goff, and senior member of the Senate of Virginia, representing the 7th district Frank Wagner at the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce for an exciting conversation about why the U.S. Military is increasing its use of renewable energy at local bases and in global operations. They will also talk about clean energy as a local economic development opportunity.

Captain Goff, who served for 30 years in submarines and at the strategic leadership level in the Pentagon, now leads a program for the Center for Naval Analyses (CNA) focused on the economic and national security benefits from implementing increased levels of efficiency and renewable energy in all branches of military.

Mr. Wagner is a recognized subject matter expert on energy matters and has testified before Congress and spoken at a variety of national and international energy conferences. During his time in the senate Wagner has had many important legislative accomplishments in the area of energy, notably the passing of the Virginia Energy Plan which directs the Commonwealth to create a comprehensive plan for the development of energy resources.

Captain Goff and Mr. Wagner will shine a light on the opportunity for local chambers and their members in the fast-growing clean energy sector. Following the military's lead, businesses can save significant operating expenses by using energy efficiency and onsite energy generation to reduce costs. Many businesses also are capitalizing on the accelerating clean energy market to grow their own businesses with clean energy product offerings.

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For more information about Chambers for Innovation and Clean Energy, a national network of local chambers of commerce dedicated to helping their member businesses navigate and thrive in the clean energy space, visit:


When: Thursday, October 27, 2016
Time: 8:30 - 10:00 a.m.
Where: Hampton Roads Chambers of Commerce
500 E. Main St #700
Norfolk, Va.

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