Former Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen to Share Insights into Nashville's Economic Boom

Former Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen to Share Insights into Nashville's Economic Boom

The Hampton Roads Chamber is engaging business and community leaders for an Inter-Regional Visit (IRV) to Nashville Tennessee November 28-November 30, 2017.

Why Nashville?  The business community has identified  three areas key to economic growth in Hampton Roads:  Economic Development, Workforce Development, and Infrastructure Development.  Nashville's rapid growth can be attributed to the development of successful strategies in all three areas.  We will hear first hand from Nashville leaders about the strategies that led to its success and the challenges/opportunities they faced during the process.

We have booked former Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen to present an overview of the structural, economic and workforce development that fused together to ignite Nashville’s economic boom.

The State and City worked together in ways that opened new doors of opportunity.  Bredesen was elected the 48th Governor of Tennessee in 2003 and served two terms.  His style was widely acclaimed as nonpartisan and fiscally conservative.  Prior to his term as Governor, Bredeson was the Mayor of Nashville and a prominent entrepreneur in the Health Care Industry.  All these factors helped Bredesen lead the evolution of Nashville.  He will provide insight for Hampton Roads leaders participating in the Inter-Regional Visit as to ways Hampton Roads can learn from Nashville’s success and implement Nashville Leader’s best practices.   

Highlights of the Inter-Regional Visit will include:  A Predator’s hockey game and behind the scenes tour of Bridgestone Arena; A tour and discussion on Entrepreneurism; and a discussion on Workforce Development and how Nashville has closed the workforce gap.

The visit will also be a chance for leaders to come together and develop our brand and sense of place.

Please join us and be a catalyst for a better Hampton Roads.

For information and sponsorships please contact Priscilla Monti (757) 470-6805.

The Hampton Roads Chamber is a powerful economic partner, inspiring ignitor, and impactful advocate for the region.  

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