America's SBDCs on the Front Line Helping Small Biz Hurricane Victims

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America's SBDCs on the Front Line Helping Small Biz Hurricane Victims


As  Hurricane season bears down on us this year don't forget about the free resources your local SBDC can offer to small business customers. What happens when you're facing the loss of your livelihood due to the recent hurricanes? Recreating cash flow and verifying losses on equipment is more complicated than compiling the information for a basic disaster home loan.

This is where SBDC's come in.

What are the free services provided by SBDCs?

* Help in reconstructing damaged or destroyed business records
* Business planning to help business owners re-establish their operations and plan for their future
* Assistance with updating or rewriting business plans
* Counseling for financial, accounting, marketing and other post-disaster challenges
* Assistance with accessing government contracts and procurement related to the disaster
* Management and technical assistance

While we in Hampton Roads have been fortunate enough not to have experienced what has taken place in the Houston, Florida, and the Caribbean, it still does not mean that small business owners should not prepare for an event.

The Hampton Roads SBDC website provides a wealth of information and links to sites to help the region’s small businesses prepare for and recover from either a natural or man-made disaster.  This section of the site can be reached at:

Once an event has occurred the Center, along with the Small Business Administration and the VSBDC Network will provide assistance similar to those listed above.

For more information contact Jim Carroll, the Center’s Executive Director, at 664-2595 or at or Debra Farley, the Center’s  Associate Executive Director, 865-3126 or

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