Mission Barbeque hosts free lunch on Veterans Day for current or retired military personnel
PROPEL Small Business Mentor-Protege Kick-Off Announcement Reception
PROPEL, a new, innovative and highly successful small business mentor-protege program commences a pilot program March 2015.
Sea Ranch Resort Offers Chamber Members up to 50 Percent Off
Please use promo code HRCH to receive rates starting as low as $64
Get Web offers a variety of services from web design to online product development
Creating top quality web sites to help customers achieve their goals
Dan Harris Presents How I Became 10 Percent Happier
"Happiness is actually a skill that you can practice, just the way you can practice building your bicep in the gym. So here is my tagline: If it can work for a fidgety, skeptical newsman it can work for you!"
The Intercultural School of Etiquette, Culture and Class for Business Professionals
On the first Friday of each month, the Intercultural School of Etiquette, will host and present a new country.
Stat File Opens Their New Facility
Located at 202 S Newtown Road in Virginia Beach
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