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The Hampton Roads Chamber promote pro-business policies in local and state government, advocating for a variety of business-related issues on behalf of over 2,600 businesses representing more than 300,000 working men and women in Hampton Roads. The Hampton Roads Business Political Action Committee (HRBizPAC) is a bi-partisan committee of the Hampton Roads Chamber, then presses for action on issues impacting business and supports candidates who share those views.

During Virginia’s General Assembly, the Chamber collaborates with the business lobby in Richmond, informs members with weekly electronic “Legislative News and Notes,” and engages members with electronic “Legislative Call to Action Alerts.” 

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added February 26, 2018 by Candace Reid
Less than two weeks remain in the 2018 Virginia General Assembly Session with scheduled adjournment on March 10th. The top legislative priority is the adoption of the Commonwealth's two year budget. The Hampton Roads Chamber is in Richmond throughout the 60 day session serving as the voice of business for the region. Check out this week's Legislative Review.
added February 12, 2018 by Ira Agricola
Senate Finance Committee approved Senate Bill 896. The change could mean that the Hampton Roads region will have approximately $15,000,000 more in transportation funding annually. Check out this week's Legislative Review.
added February 5, 2018 by Candace Reid
Virginia General Assembly approaches February 13th "Crossover. A January 30th letter signed by the Chamber, the Hampton Roads Planning District Commission and the Hampton Roads Military and Federal Facilities Alliance was delivered to members of the Virginia General Assembly. The letter referenced the fact that the issue of sea level rise and coastal resiliency is not just a Hampton Roads issue, but instead it is a statewide issue impacting the Port of Virginia, military readiness, business operations, tourism and the Commonwealth's bond rating. Check out this week's Legislative Review.
added January 29, 2018 by Ira Agricola
Hampton Roads Chamber President Bryan Stephens has signed on to a letter urging the General Assembly to invest in Metro by identifying a long-term, sustainable, dedicated and bondable revenue source with the Commonwealth's share at $154 million annually. More than 350,000 Virginians rely on Metro every day and the sales and income tax revenue impact for Virginia is more than $600 million annually. The letter was so-signed by several regional chambers and business associations as well as the Virginia Chamber of Commerce.
added January 22, 2018 by Ira Agricola
The Hampton Roads Chamber recently signed on to a letter urging Washington policy makers to oppose new regulations on freight rail under consideration by the U.S. Surface Transportation Board. These new regulations would undermine the ability of railroads to reinvest capital in the rail network. Check out the rest of this week's Legislative Review.
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