Tara Ramsey, President
Tara Ramsey
Company: Instant Systems, Inc.

Creating strong partnerships by championing cooperation and transparency.

Tara Ramsey’s focus on authentic partnerships has lead her companies and teams to success.  She believes this success pivots around the creation and nurture of  highly effective and motivated teams who value collaboration.  She does this by building workplaces where team members are provided with the resources needed and encouraged to collaborate in highly transparent and unpreceded ways.  This model gives her teams the space and time to solve challenges, make things better for the organizations they serve.  Currently she is President of Instant Systems Inc, a Norfolk, VA based company dedicated to delivering the highest quality packaging systems, for cells and tissues, through continual research, innovation, and improvement.  With their newest manufacturing facility opening up in  the Fall of 2017, Instant Systems will expand services within their Research and Development and Rapid Prototyping divisions, as well as add over 400%  to their current production capabilities.  This new location will allow the Instant Systems team to shorten time-to-market within this lifesaving industry, drastically reducing the’ from idea to full scale production’ product cycle.

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