Carol McCormack, President & CEO
Carol  McCormack
Company: United Way of South Hampton Roads

United Way of South Hampton Roads brings people and organizations together to solve problems too big for any of us to solve on our own. We are a local, volunteer-driven organization dedicated to making our community a better place to live, work, and raise a family.

 A chance for all children to succeed: United for Children is changing the way we work together through a public-private partnership to drive educational success for our poorest children as a way out of poverty. We support the whole child, inside and outside of the classroom.

 Support during a crisis: It can happen to anyone. Catastrophic illness or injury.Loss of a job.A child born with a disability.Domestic violence.Financial problems.Homelessness.Hunger. We always have and always will provide a safety net of urgent and essential services.

 Ensuring healthy minds and bodies: We fill in the gaps, providing access to critical dental, mental and physical care, and good nutrition.

 Building community capacity: We practice Collective Impact, working together to identify areas of greatest need, problem-solve, and share resources to drive results. Our newest initiative, Mission United, is bringing partners to the table to support our veterans, active-duty military, and their families.

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