Grant Page, President
Grant Page
Company: MI Systems

As President of MI Systems, Grant oversees the organization’s overall vision, mission and direction while maintaining awareness of both the external and internal competitive landscape, opportunities for expansion, markets and customers. The founder and “Face” of the company, he regularly represents MI Systems in professional engagements and responsibilities, as well as speaking opportunities.

Grant founded Magna Imperio Systems in June 2014, shortly after graduating from the United States Naval Academy (USNA) with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and an emphasis in chemistry. He is a commissioned naval officer, having completed one tour in the Mediterranean and Middle East.

After starting an electronics company in 2008 to implement a more efficient way to electroplate chrome parts, Grant continued his innovative quests at USNA, where he was one of the more active Midshipmen in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Outreach Effort and worked at the Naval Research Laboratories and Naval Surface Warfare Center. Grant earned the U.S. Department of Energy “Excellence in Energy Award” in 2014 for his work in salt water power sources.

An innate intellectually curious mind, Grant is relentless in his ability to quickly push new ideas forward through successful prototypes, as evidenced by his innovations in electrochemical technology over the years leading to a water desalination and treatment technology using less energy than anything on the market. Heartening for a young leader in tech, he places his highest value on conducting a highly integrous and professional business framework.

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